Jan 11, 2022


Your competitors are wherever you go, you should be ready to take them down anywhere, anytime! For this purpose, your online website, the door of your business should look not only good but GREAT, ready to appeal to people in a single glance.

You might be wondering what makes a website great? We will mention some tricks which will direct you to a great website.

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We have designed hundreds of websites for our clients to date, we take our scrapbook, embed your ideas and introduce our creativity. Our web designing company in Malaysia has the most skilled developers and designers, our team aims to design websites that astound people over the globe.



Your audience will love your website only if it is tailored properly at every corner. People don’t like getting stuck on your web page. Give time to the foundation of your website, build proper channels for your people to roam around.

Well structured websites not only astound visitors, but search engines also prefer websites that are well organized, it’s easier to access and examine the content that way.

If you are looking for a fellow to accompany you throughout the structure building or structure fixing, do consider Hi! Tech web designing company in Malaysia.


A lot of users will check how they can reach out to you personally or through online methods. Missing contact information can lead to mistrust or people might lose interest in your product or your service.

Your contact info represents that you want to get in touch with your visitors as quickly as you can. This gives a nice customer service gesture to people reaching out to you. This will increase your brand awareness and promote your brand. Your contact information will also convict your visitors that they can talk it our in case of a mishap. In a nutshell, your contact information says a lot about your brand’s insights.


Mobile optimization is a growing requirement for websites everywhere. There is not a site left that cannot be accessed over a mobile phone. If you don’t have one like that buddy, you are way behind.

The mobile responsive website covers a broader area of targeted audience, it increases reach, time taken on the site and increases visibility. Increased visibility will keep you in the game of online marketing. You can still get a mobile-optimized website by hiring a well-known Malaysia web design company such as Hi! Tech for the cause.


As much as your structure is important, your navigation plays a huge role too. Only a professional web developer can alter your website navigation perfectly so that your visitors can browse within your site easily and rapidly.

Links within your website are to be placed at the right spot for better results, the right spot can only be identified by a skilled web developer. Your navigation can navigate a visitor towards becoming a customer or leaving your site.

Do you want your magic potion and align your navigation? Contact our wizards at Hi! Tech web designing company in Malaysia.


Around 80% of buyers look for reviews before they think about being your customer. Time passes but your reviews don’t. Your reviews can buy a lot of revenue for your brand

Reviews from any site i.e., Facebook, Instagram, or Google should be embedded on your website to showcase how talented, skilled and trustworthy you are. A reviews page would add a lot to your business.

Do not try to coat fake sugary reviews, people nowadays can figure out the difference between an organic and a derived review. Request reviews from your customers, there is no need to post fake reviews. Be as honest and transparent with your customers as much as you can.


Time is money, you must have heard it. People want to get quick answers to their queries. Live chat enables that opportunity for you and opens the door to success. A customer may not feel comfortable enough to fill a form, write their query and wait for a response but he or she will surely be interested in live chat.

If you do not have a live chat feature inbuilt your website, no problem! Contact our web designing company in Malaysia now and enter the world of digital marketing.


Your call-to-action should have an impact indirectly onto the user’s mind meaning that your call-to-action shouldn’t be very direct let’s say, buy now! Or contact now! Will not have an impact as Get a demo now! Or free consultation today! See the difference? You have to encourage the user to contact you. Once they have contacted you, you have a higher chance to convert them into your regular customer.

A direct call to action seems very pressurizing, but this moulded method to encourage visitor’s is beneficial for businesses and comfortable for buyers. Whenever you feel stuck at finding the best CTA do consider figuring that out with our web designing company in Malaysia.


Your brand is not just limited to your logo, your website colours, your template, your design, and even your font has to speak for your brand. Every aspect of your website should contribute to promoting your brand to its visitors.

Your graphics, your content should speak for your brand as all of it sets your brand’s image in the minds of users. Users interacting wish to see the website that is mesmerizing. For this particular purpose, you can call our company to work on the trendiest web design in Malaysia.


PRIVACY, SECURITY AND HACKERS. When someone give his sensitive information to you it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. A poorly built website contains holes to attract hackers. You do not want your business to go down because of some sick human being. You cannot stop that from happening, but you can prevent it though. Using strong security plug-ins can help your site in prohibiting data theft.

To ensure your client’s privacy and their trust in you, you must trust a highly skilled Malaysia web design company to carry out this task.


Search engines prefer fresh content to be displayed on the top searches. If you haven’t updated your content in ages, we are sorry friend your ranking will be on its way to the last rank. Uploading new content frequently will help your website rank higher in search engines.

Another tip, do not use a lot of content on your website, use fewer yet impactful words (blogs aside obviously). Coming to your blogs, you shouldn’t be focusing how your product or service can solve problems. Answers to questions according to your niche on the blog page which will keep you in continuous contact with users. Our web designing company in Malaysia also provides fresh content frequently for the websites we design.


When you are trying to appeal is a targeted group of individuals you have to speak what they would love to hear. Let’s say you own a small brand for hair oil, you can share tips to maintain healthy hairs, oiling methods, how to properly wash hairs. See how all these topics go along? Answer their questions before you expect them to buy your product or service.

Make them habitual of you before marketing your product. Need a skilled content writer to help you with it? Contact our agency and VIOLA! Problem solved.


You do not want dummy forms to fool you. Use reCAPTCHA to find out human submission forms and save your valuable time. You can get reCAPTCHA plug-ins easily if you are intact with a professional web development agency or if that’s not the case contact one. There are hundreds of web design companies out there to help you out.


In order to get recognized by search engines and later by hundreds of thousands of people online. Carry out keyword research and use them multiple times in your content, whether on the homepage, the about page or the blog page. Every page of your site has to be search engine optimized if you are willing to reach out to the skies.


Your content or your web design should be able to create an emotional bond with every passing visitor. Your website can buy new customers for you only when it engages people passing by.

If your content cannot do that consider editing your website a bit, including the pain your customers might be facing. Include points from their aspect, add success stories of your previous customers or in conclusion motivate them towards looking into your site. Your content engagement is equal to new sales.

15. WHY US?

When a customer is exploring your services, he is looking for the answer to the above-mentioned question. For instance, we are Malaysian web design company, when you visit us, you want to know how are we different from other web designing companies in Malaysia or how do we stand out and you can find the answer to that on our about page. Where we have entered why you should consider choosing us. You should add that to your website. Talk more about why you should be chosen instead of talking about your origins. Of course, origins are important but to what extent? Discussing a lot about your history can drive people out, they want quick answers to their questions. People nowadays are very impatient hence you should write according to that.

16. SPEED:

All the top-ranked websites have a loading span of fewer than three seconds, that is exactly what users want from your site. If your site is taking more time than that you need to pull your toolkit out and start working on your websites. Your images might be too enlarged slowing website speed or there are many other factors that can contribute to your web being slow. Find all of them or if you are not able to do that hire an IT company.


Your website needs to be attractive enough to stand out among thousands of other websites in your niche. On the internet, you do not have to compete within your area or your city or your country, you are competing with thousands of companies present worldwide. The competition there is very tough and needs keen attention.

We have mentioned 16 factors that construct a good or great website, driving enough revenue for you. If your website lacks any one of these properties do not waste another second and contact Hi! Tech web designing company in Malaysia.


We offer various web design Malaysia package for the various issue you might face; we have compiled a SEO package for websites that need SEO, a maintenance package for websites that require maintenance, web hosting for business or complete web development or web design package for our clients. We have flexible website design Malaysia prices that can be altered according to your ease. We want you to grow and achieve a lot more than you can on your own.

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