Omer Waqar

Chief Executive Officer

Omar Waqar, in other words a Tech Enthusiast. Omar has worked with Hi! Tech since the very beginning. He is one of the founders of Hi! Tech. It is because of his efforts that Hi! Tech has reached its peak in such a short time.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Syed ibn-e-Ali

Chief Executive Officer

Hi! Tech’s CEO, Syed Ibn-e-Ali is extremely talented, innovative, Ideative and a lot more! He started his journey with Hi! Tech and started elevating Hi! Tech’s position. His ambition is to drive Hi! Tech to immense heights, making it the most trusted, the most skilled Software House around.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Reasons why Hi! Tech is the best!

Quality Guaranteed

Our cadre is skilled, talented, and above all experienced. Hi! Tech’s been providing quality for the past 6 years, the reason why we strived as a firm is our promise to quality and ought to creativity.

Team that suits the project

Hi! Tech’s teams are gathered according to the project requirements. For instance, some projects require exceptional creativity and coding skills for that, we compile our creative minds with our best developers. Greater the project, greater will be the team.

Architectonics 24/7

We are owls at night and eagles during the day. Our teams work endlessly and efficiently. Our primary goal is to deliver the project as early and as perfectly as we possibly can! time period to satisfy clients.

Keen to hear your Ideas