Jan 07, 2022

In today’s fast-moving world there are new updates for everything either it’s a mobile phone or a laptop, furniture or home appliances everything is updating the very next second. And you must keep up with those updates so that the world doesn’t forget about you. No one wants to be left behind. Our web designing company in Malaysia always aims to be one step ahead from the world.

In terms of websites, updating is just as crucial. If you want to be the core of attention in your field, you must work on your website maintenance and keep your website up to date.

We do realize how exhausting it is for you to update your site regularly and run your business along. That’s why we are here, Hi! Tech web designing company in Malaysia gives complete support to entrepreneurs like you. We have our web design Malaysia package for numerous business types. We are your business advisor along the road too FOR FREE! What are you waiting for? Click on the link and book your free consultation today!! www.hitechhere.com

there are many reasons why you should head up to a website maintenance plan, it profits you more than double what you invest. Who wouldn’t want a business deal like this one? Scroll down and read the 5 major reasons you should get a website maintenance plan now.


There are five major reasons:

  • Your brand’s image.
  • Regular Testing.
  • Search Engine Ranking.
  • Saves Money
  • Security

Let us help you take a cat's eye view of each one of these reasons.


Imagine the scenario, your website hasn’t been updated for months we being your customers walk into your website and what do we see? RUINS! Ruins of your website everywhere which ultimately drives us out of your online store. What just happened? You lost a customer because of older updates.

Let’s discuss what sort of ruins we saw, broken links everywhere like a broken signboard, slower navigation between pages like a slow escalator or a corrupted lift, some ancient content like expired products. You see the kind of impact it has caused within our minds? You do not want your visitor experiencing all of this on your website.

A visitor experiences this and decides to never see your local store sometimes even discusses this negative impression with his friends and relatives. See how much damage will an outdated website cause to your brand’s reputation.

All your marketing, advertisements, and groundwork for the promotion of your business will drain because of your online appearance. Today is the era of digitalization, keeping your brand continuously on the internet will have more impact than working for it locally. In order to maintain your positive image, you must get a maintenance plan for your online website. Do it yourself or hire a web designing company in Malaysia.


Remember your school days? How your teacher used to take surprise tests only to check which student in the class is studying properly or we can say carrying his duty out. The same goes for your website. When you do regular testing yourself or when you have hired a web designing company in Malaysia you can keep check and balance of your links, registration forms, navigation.

IT agencies regularly test the website's functioning and work on issues found. You being an entrepreneur cannot focus on your website properly, you might not have enough knowledge to tackle problems your website might face. We would recommend you invest in your website and focus on your business with complete determination knowing your website is in safe hands.


Google tends to show active and quality websites on its first pages meaning that you only have the chance to get featured on the first pages if your content is up to date and your website matches the functionality and features of new versions.

If your website is outdated, you will gradually move down from google or any other search engine’s searches. Your goal should be ranking on the top, for that, you should update your website on daily basis.

The main drill for climbing the search engine is that you change your content, your design with new content, and design frequently. Search engines love freshly brewed content. This is a good reason you should hire a Malaysia web design company because you might never be able to find enough time to write content for your website as frequently as an IT agency can.


Getting a maintenance plan saves money for you. Suppose a website was not updated in months, the owner of the website finally decides to update it. When he contacts an agency or a freelancer he has to go through the difficulty of finding a suitable candidate.

His website would have gone so complex by now that most freelancers would never take the job or if did it will cost you a lot of money. Once you have outsourced the project it will still take more time than usual maintenance. It will be much more difficult and tiring for the individual working on your site.

You do not want your site to be stuck in a puddle like that. I know you don’t, so wouldn’t it be better if you work on your site's maintenance from the start and save money, time, and extra efforts from being wasted? Contact a web designing company in Malaysia now to get going towards the success of your online business.


What are new updates for? Fixing bugs, improving the functionality, and what? Yes, you are right! "IMPROVING SECURITY RISKS". If you do not update your website with time your website will have multiple loopholes inviting cybercriminals to attack your privacy. You are not only doing bad for you but your customers as well. Once cybercriminals have hacked into your website, they do not receive only your sensitive information but your customers ' as well.

When are intact with a Malaysia web design company, they can scan threats and fix the gaps wherever left immediately leaving 0% risk behind.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should get website maintenance plans here we have mentioned the ones we think are vital. To pump you up, we have compiled some advantages of getting a maintenance plan from the very start of your website or even on your road to success.

  • Your brand image will reach the skies, people love accessing sites within the blink of an eye and moving from page to page in a matter of seconds. Your fresh content will also attract a lot of visitors and of course your design and color palette according to recent trends will give you tons of positive reviews.
  • Online payments, when people see websites working slow and not functioning properly there is a lower chance of them playing online. But when the site is working efficiently people feel comfortable paying online using bank transactions.
  • You can provide better customer service if your site is updated to the latest version available. Your customers will go nuts by your quick customer support and there is a 100% chance for you to convert a visitor into a customer with it.

 There is also a right time for every decision, it's never too late but a little late can have its consequences. Some of the consequences include:

  • Losing customers, you can lose a lot of customers by not maintaining your website or your online portal. People can leave your site if it's loading slow, forms are malfunctioning, navigation is not good enough. This drives your potential customer away from your site.
  • Demoted on search engines, search engines hate old content, if you do not update your content frequently you will be demoting over rankings with each passing day which will drive little to no traffic to your website.

The search engine also pushing sites backward which are not fully updated to the new version because the search engine must display the best on the first pages.

  • Security risks, leaving updates can also leave holes in your security region which will attract cybercriminals. Your private information and your customer's private information might get in the wrong hands causing a lot of trouble for hundreds of your customers and you.

You must have realized by now that how important is it for you to get a maintenance plan and how it impacts the betterment of your business. Let’s discuss what you should do once you have decided to get a maintenance plan for your outdated website.


Once you have decided to get your website updated all that is left is for you to decide which IT company suits you the best. You can either choose a freelancer if you are comfortable with burdening an individual and delaying your project. We recommend you choose Hi! Tech Malaysia web design company. There are many reasons why you should choose us to let's discuss some of them.


At your service Master! We are a passionate team of programmers, developers, designers, and content writers fully encouraged to work on your problem. We are available at any hour whether day or night making us an exceptional IT agency among others. We have two teams operating, one during the day and the other at night so that you don’t have to wait for us.


Our team is well-versed in what they are doing. We have gathered our team members based on their capability and educational background ensuring you quality work.


Our web design Malaysia is increasing in popularity and so are we broadening our web design Malaysia package which now covers a lifetime maintenance plan FOR FREE!!! Our web design Malaysia package is much lower in website design Malaysia price than other companies, another plus point.


We work in a very different style that involves you throughout the process, not meaning that you’ll have to give your valuable time to us. We keep updating you on weekly basis and hear your opinions when you want. We can tailor your website according to your ideas whenever you want.

These are the few big reasons for you to choose us. We have dealt with 800 projects so far and aim to continue at the same pace.


The website maintenance plan is very important for the sake of your online as well as a local business. In the fast-moving world, things are switching to online mode rapidly, you need to mark your footprints on the internet to make sure you are in the market.

For that, you need a website and social media accounts to acknowledge your ambiance. Once you have worked on the first step, the second step strikes that is maintenance. You do not want to fade with time hence you should keep working on your sites to keep yourself alive on the internet.

For this purpose, you’ll need a team to manage your business online like us. A team to keep your content fresh and juicy, keep updating your features and improving your pace and keep an eye on insights. All of this can only be achieved when you hire a team that keeps working on your site.

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