Jan 07, 2022

Thinking of upgrading your game? Think no more, now is the right time. There is a saying:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best TODAY!!

We are pretty sure that all your competitors must have switched to eCommerce by now or, in case they haven't why you be the one to engrave this milestone? But since you have come this far to read you must have decided to build your online business empire.

Building an online store takes a lot of time and hard work, you cannot handle your business and your eCommerce building at the same time. You'll require a skilled set of individuals to work in your new office 24/7.

There are hundreds of thousands of people offering ecommerce development services, but are they good enough? You do not want your ecommerce website to be the third rate? Therefore, choose your candidate wisely.


If you are tracking down a quality ecommerce development company then there is a set of small things you should know. Your chosen brand should drive traffic, improve SEO, convert visitors into customers and change the fate of your business in an awe-inspiring manner. And if you do not want to follow the path of skimming the huge ocean continue with us till the end and you can find the answer to your solution.


  • Portfolio
  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Ecommerce web design packages
  • Delivery time
  • Team professionalism and skillset
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Your business needs
  • Budget


The first thing to consider about any ecommerce dvelopment company is their portfolio, the number of projects they show represents how good they are at their job. Portfolios display the skills and talent a company has. It's important to analyze the portfolio before hiring the respective company.


Around 90% of eCommerce stores available use web templates for their websites. Web templates are the most used styles and people do not find them very appealing. Plus a custom eCommerce web will place a very enchanting impact on the minds of viewers. Thus, you must choose an ecommerce development firm that provides custom ecommerce development.

Custom eCommerce website developers work on your project from the scratch, develop designs, dig into ideas, find client's interests and business requirements. Whereas a website template will be embedded on your website just like any other website. Website templates are used by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis so it's better for your business to not use website templates if you wish to stand out.



For initial businesses this point is very important, you have to skim through their packages and find the one that suits your business at this initial stage. The best companies provide numerous packages upfront for clients to choose from. Whether your business is big or small, new or well-settled you need to find the ecommerce web design packages suitable for you.

Ecommerce web design also helps you to better understand the type of services they offer, you can talk to them and even create a package according to your will.


Time is money, you cannot waste a lot of time working on developing your store while your competitors are winning the race. You have to check on the time they’ll take to complete your project with proficiency. Every second is important, you can check on their previous projects and find the time they have taken to deliver.

Check their timely delivery record before you hand your project to them.


You need to know how professional the team is and how proficient they are in their work. In order to be skilled in this field, they must have all know-how of how every programming language works. The staff must be well-versed and trained. They must know how to handle the project and bring their best out in the form of an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce website.

Try to find a company that is the master of its work instead of going for a company that knows how to carry out multiple tasks but is the master of none.


Every credible firm has started to provide a long term or in some places, there is lifetime tech support for the websites the code. Choosing such a company is better instead of going forth for a company that requires an extra budget for timely checkups and testing of your site's functionality.

A lifetime maintenance policy enables you to be carefree of your site, this way you use your ecommerce store without any worries of it being crashed. You know you have strong tech support at your back. This also provides more room for exploring new tricks in the ecommerce market.


You hold your business, you know what it needs, what type of support it requires, what graphics or template is required, what we want to state is that you know very well what your business’s requirements are. Browse through the services provided by ecommerce development companies and try to find the ecommerce web design packages that suit you the best. Find the services that align with needs for better results of this merger.

The merger should be beneficial for you in every possible angle, by thoroughly skimming the ocean of ecommerce development services providers you can find the perfect match for your business.


Coming down to the most important point BUDGET, everyone wants a reasonable budget for his work but only some get their hands on it. You have to bargain, communicate with many companies at once to find the one fitting your budget. It is indeed very tiring work.

For businesses at the initial level, it is very hard to get in touch with companies offering high-quality service unless the business has started with a huge investment. Some of you might get fooled, you also need a lot of LUCK to find high-quality work at affordable prices.

These are the 8 important things to keep in mind while choosing your ecommerce development company. GOOD LUCK in finding yours.


 If you are looking for an immediate answer to the question "WHERE CAN I FIND THE BEST ECOMMERCE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE PRICE?'


The answer is,

Hi! TECH, the best software developing company situated in Malaysia. We have been working in this field for 8 years now and have seen many of our clients reaching skies after opening their online stores. We want you to be one of them. Contact us now and book a free consultation, tell us your requirement, your ideas, and your budget. We will tailor the best ecommerce web design packages for you.

Here comes the legendary question,


For the answer to this question let us get into a detailed account of our expertise and why we should be your wise decision. We are confident that by the end of this blog you’ll have made your mind to talk to us.



We are familiar with this ecommerce development from the very start of our firm which dates back to 2013. Since 2013 we have continued our journey to take the businesses above the skies. We build and host ecommerce websites which saves a lot of time for business owners to focus on the expansion of their businesses.

Experience leads to expertise, this is our belief. We have trained hard and have provided our clients with multiple astounding projects. We have worked day and night to reach our present credibility. The team of individuals we had in 2013 is the same as today meaning that we have grown more than we have expanded. This is one of the prime factors because of which you should select us for your ecommerce development.

2.      FLEXIBLE:

The next salient factor to choose Hi! Tech is our flexibility, we care for you hence we have made our policy of flexibility you might never find in any other company. We have flexible costs, flexible ecommerce web design packages, flexible delivery timing.


We coordinate with our clients and try to find out the cost they are willing to pay, we care for each one of our clients thus we try our level best to tailor their package in a way that we can make both ends meet without burdening our honourable client.


We get to know our client's requirements in our first two to three consultations, we send our proposal which completely aligns with their requirements, reducing any extra cost of service that makes no sense to their project.


We are well-aware of the competition in the international as well as local eCommerce markets, we know when you come to us you expect a quicker delivery of your project. We try our level best to be flexible with our timing and work day and night when required. All we want is for your business to reach heights by following the online mode of business.


We understand the difficulty of managing your website as well as your business on local grounds, we do not want you to be bothered by any crashes or malfunctioning in your eCommerce website. For this particular purpose, we have prepared a team that takes complete charge of the maintenance-related work of each one of the projects we have prepared to date.


As we have mentioned earlier 90% of online stores use templates instead of custom designs which makes their website appear ordinary. People get used to seeing those templates everywhere they go, hence it might not be the best choice if you want your business to expand at an increasing pace. There are many ways to improve conversion rate, the first one being your custom design.

When your project is handed over to Hi! Tech we make sure to start working, designing, and brainstorming ideas from the scratch. We work on fresh ideas every day and come up with eye-catching eCommerce designs for our clients.


The fifth reason is that we use Magento software for building eCommerce websites. Magento is the best software around for online business holders. We shape the structure, the design, the content and make your website look the best among all other websites built over Magento.

Magento ecommerce development has been widespread among marketers and retailers since the day it was launched. Magento makes eCommerce way simply and efficient. Magento is one of the reasons why eCommerce market has grown rapidly over the past years.


Are you looking for an ecommerce development company? Do you want to know how you can trace the best ecommerce development company? Do you want an immediate answer to it? Do you want to get introduced to the best ecommerce development services provider around? All of these questions are answered in this blog. There are 8 ways you can find the best ecommerce company.

To avoid further time-consuming browsing you can dive into 5 reasons why our ecommerce development company is the best. Take your notebook out, work on the pros and cons evaluate them, and VIOLA! You have found the best ecommerce development company. Since you have read this far, we have a small present for you, you have won two free consultations instead of one. What are you waiting for? You have two whole sittings to find about the best ecommerce service provider. Go contact us now at or text us by tapping on the Whatsapp logo appearing at the bottom right.

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Reasons why Hi! Tech is the best!

Quality Guaranteed

Our cadre is skilled, talented, and above all experienced. Hi! Tech’s been providing quality for the past 6 years, the reason why we strived as a firm is our promise to quality and ought to creativity.

Team that suits the project

Hi! Tech’s teams are gathered according to the project requirements. For instance, some projects require exceptional creativity and coding skills for that, we compile our creative minds with our best developers. Greater the project, greater will be the team.

Architectonics 24/7

We are owls at night and eagles during the day. Our teams work endlessly and efficiently. Our primary goal is to deliver the project as early and as perfectly as we possibly can! time period to satisfy clients.

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