Say Goodbye to “THE FOLD” and welcome a Positive User Experience

Mar 24, 2022

Do you know from where the concept of "The Fold" came from? Well, it was derived by people of the old times to sell NEWSPAPER… Yes, a NEWSPAPER!

You must have seen a newsstand, the news on top of the page is visible while the rest is hidden. The technique to sell newspapers was to add the most interesting news on top of the page to attract readers and it worked well for them. Until they started using the same technique to sell their websites, it did work back in the days when the size of the screen was fixed and small.

Now, people are used to scrolling so “There is no Fold”

It’s a hard pill to swallow for those who need everything “above the fold”

Hi! Tech website designing company in Malaysia has taken the ought to spread this human intuition of scrolling and make people realize that there is no fold anymore.

Viewing Web Design Malaysia in the Digital Era

Tell us how do you view a website? Through a newspaper stand after reviewing the exciting news on top? Absolutely Not! What are the key factors that persuade you to keep scrolling a website? These are some important things a website owner should think about. A positive user experience comprises of the following factors according to our tech company in Malaysia.

·White Space

Hi! Tech Software Company believes that using white spaces in a web design Malaysia can boost your user experience. How so? Well, white space tends to drag users' attention towards the minimal but important are creative words by the organizations. It draws the user's attention to your message and conveys it without any distraction.

On the contrary, a website loaded with text and images although all of it is above the fold is useless. It will not convey the main message as swiftly as a website with white space will. So instead of focusing on the folds that don’t even exist today focus on positive user experience.


Users want a quick response to the content of their choice, while browsing YouTube or Netflix on their laptop they expect your website to load quickly on their cellphone. A delay of 5 seconds can bounce the user off your site.

Google offers a free speed checking tool, you can track your page loading speed and much more from that. It might be difficult to believe but a delay of 5 seconds can increase your site's bounce rate to 20%. Huge isn't it?

The main reason why your website might be slow is the size of the images, try compressing every image before loading it on the website to ensure a swift site.

Or contact Hi! Tech Software Company to complete the task for you!

·Strong Call-to-Action

Direct call to actions even though have an impact but at some point becomes annoying to let’s say, buy now! Or contact now! Will not have an impact as Get a demo now! Or free consultation today! See the difference? You have to build a conversation through it, a commitment or an ought scares the user while a friendly demo or just a free trial is less heavy on the mind.

A direct call to action seems very pressurizing, but this moulded method to encourage visitors is beneficial for businesses and comfortable for buyers. Whenever you feel stuck at finding the best CTA do consider figuring that out with our web designing company in Malaysia.

·Hyperlink Differentiation

When you add a link to the page you want the user to be attentive towards it and interact with it. Underlined text and color differentiation of the text helps the user identify that it's a link to be clicked on. The lengthier the link the easier it is to be noticed.

And it doesn't demand you to be extra creative, generally blue color is used to highlight a link, and our brains are used to seeing it. Therefore stick to the conventional idea and use blue to highlight your hyperlinks.

Secondly, don't think much about the length of the link, instead of click here, click here to find the solution that would stand out.

Finding it difficult? No problem just ring it to Hi! Tech website designing company in Malaysia and we’ll do it for you.

·Bullet Point:

Bullet points enable you to provide important information without getting carried away with loads of specifications. Add the information you want to transfer into the visitors' minds can be embedded in the form of bullet points.

You can be creative with it too you know! With all the interesting icons and styles you can add value to your text. Add crucial points like the way you can solve their problem, key factors why you should be their choice, important aspects of your product, benefits, and a lot more.


With the increasing use of the internet and the abundance of devices, people have seen almost every stock photo or are aware enough to identify a stock photo. Therefore, using a stock photo can have adverse impacts on your brands.

Firstly, it decreases trust, once a visitor finds out that your photos are taken from stock photos they will think of your content and work the same way. Your services will also be associated with the fact that you didn’t bother to use an original picture.

They'll take your company as a scam and will not scroll further. According to a study by Spectrum, the conversion rate surprisingly increases when you add original in-house pictures of your organization and use the face of YOU. People love to connect and trust those brands that display their images and then they pay attention to those photographs and try to find out more about the brand.

In conclusion, even if you get high-quality images from the stock you'll fail to establish a connection between you and your audience and those images will bring you nothing but a lower conversion rate.

Now, how to improve it? Contact our tech company in Malaysia and we’ll take photographs for you and add them to your website where needed

Hi! Tech website designing company in Malaysia coming back to “THE FOLD”

The above-mentioned points add to the positive user experience. These points are the new compulsory instead of “The Fold”. If you still believe that FOLD has anything to do with it consider the following 5 points.

·Myriads of Internet Devices

We live in a world where there are countless devices in every house. With people using a mobile phone, a tablet, an iPad, a laptop, or a PC to browse websites you do not have a definite size so there is no definite FOLD. Most of the devices are designed to scroll and people are intuitive to scroll. Therefore, whether the content is above the FOLD or below it, it will be read by masses if it's useful.

·People want to Scroll

Cellphones and tablets are designed for scrolling and on apps like Facebook and Instagram people scroll almost all the time. Similarly while visiting a website they expect to scroll to know more. With a slight touch from the finger, a new page appears, great isn't it? And that's how modern devices work. So it's intuitive.

·A convincing story is longer than above the FOLD

While telling the users your story, if you utilize only the part that is above the fold you won’t be done. An inspiring story will take more than that. So to be inspiring you have to dump the 600px above the fold concept and focus on how you can convey your story using images and copywriting at the same time.

Hire Malaysia’s leading tech company Hi! Tech to do Copywriting for you!

·Above the Fold is for Newspapers not Websites

Above the fold, the concept was used by newspaper publishers to sell the paper under the light of exciting news that is visible from the newsstand. The old idea was used on the website for no absolute reason, but now it's high time we realize the difference and dump the myth for good.

·CTA on top of the page makes zero sense

Strong CTAs make no sense on top, for me to connect with you. You need to gain my interest, and you cannot possibly do that in 600px. For this, you'll need to embed a series of scrolling information and educate me about yourself. Only then I'll be acknowledged enough to trust and make contact with you.

You have to take the visitor to a jolly ride loaded with exciting information and the crux of which is persuading the user to take action. This is only possible when you utilize the complete page discarding the concept of the FOLD.

Conclusion by Hi! Tech website Development Company

The fold is now an outdated idea of web design Malaysia. Using the fold puts you off the track because then you have to isolate important information in a small segment of the page i.e. above the fold. Hi! Tech website design company in Malaysia says goodbye to fold and gives a warm welcome to a positive user experience. If you have your website developed according to "the Fold" hand it over to Hi! Tech and, we'll modernize it just for you!

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