Dec 25, 2021

Are you looking out for the most idiosyncratic web designing company in Malaysia? Are you eager to know about the top ten Malaysia web design company? We have gathered a list of web design/development companies in Malaysia just for you! Read the entire blog, we are sure that by the end of this blog you will have found the web design company you have been waiting for.

Hiring the best web design/development company has become a very tricky and draining task. There are many web designing company in Malaysia that provide astounding services.

For you to identify which one suits you the best, get to know about your requirements, what are you searching for. When you are done with jotting down your requirements and needs, all you need to do is to find out which Malaysia web design company fits your tailored requirements.

Few basic requirements may vary according to business types, it will be easier for you to find a suitable web development company for you. If you are a newbie no worries Hi! Tech will figure that out in a single consultation, ping us now!


1. Hi! TECH:

Hi! Tech web designing company in Malaysia is a very young yet energetic and experienced agency based in Johor Buru and Kuala Lumpur. They have an amazing team of designers, developers, content writers. They have been working in the field for the past 800 years with experience of dealing with 800+ projects which is too much for a newly established firm.

They have proved themselves as worthy of being the most selling web designing company in Malaysia.

They have an amazing portfolio, they provide astounding service, they perfectly fit the requirements of a small as well as a large business. They are all set to take your business to the next level. They aim to create an online disruption in the global market with your brand. 



Web ninja was founded in 2013, they have been working hard since then. They have grown day by day and have evolved into a fully-established IT Company ranking on the SECOND!!

Web ninja is a web development company in Chan Sow Ln and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are very professional with their services i.e. web design, web development, e-commerce website design, organic SEO, branding, and digital marketing services.



ZOEWEBS is the third-highest-rated IT agency based in two cities, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. They have over 12 years of experience and are actively working with many local and global brands.

Their environment is said to be a very friendly-homely feeling. This is because of their consultancy tricks, if you are looking for an agency to manage you online as well as give brilliant business ideas this is for you.


Inspiren is a web designing as well as social media managing company in Penang, Kuala Lumpur. 

They develop webs, design them and work on your social media sites. They make sales go crazy after you sign up to them. They have vast experience in their work hence are ranked fourth on Google.

Inspiren has aimed to inspire people with their work and projects, so far they have succeeded in their mission. They are enthusiast workers which is the main reason behind their success.


ETC programming factory started functioning in 2010, ever since they have delivered high-quality projects to their clients. They have served 200+ clients to date. They are a cadre of UI/UX designers, programmers, developers, writers. 

They rank fourth, many brands whether local or global have collaborated with ETC for their websites.


Just by taking a glance over their website you get to know how skillful they are at their job. Their website can be taken as a sample of what they can do. They are a Malaysia web design company that is progressing at a very fast pace.

They are in great numbers thus can handle many projects at the same time. They are skilled at web designing, programming, and SEO.


Orangesoft provides services in every aspect of website development. They provide web design, web development, web maintenance, web application. They wish to change the mode of shopping or servicing from offline to online. They are working on the conversion of people and businesses from local stores and offices to online stores and offices. 


Kangxiong is determined to create revolutions and disturbances in the global market within 90 days. They focus more on creating websites that function well and are reliable. Their web agency is full of life, they give proper consultancy to their clients.

They are a group of highly experienced developers, designers, technicians, and content brewers, they started with the same group and remained the same in numbers yet emerged as the best.

9. WDD:

WDD is a custom web development agency that works on websites of your choice, creates mobile-first sites. The web design is according to your ideas and expectations. They dig deep into your mind and find out what you are looking for, when they have found their answer they start processing. They have given out hundreds of eye-pleasing mind-blowing projects so far.

10. eWallZ Solutions:

Their company provides every service required for a business switching to online mode. They develop websites, design, provide SEO. They also develop apps for brands and businesses. They also give service to previously built apps, give solutions to problems. They are all-in-one in terms of online business services.


Web design Malaysia is very popular around the globe, for that reason there is a variety of web design companies based in almost every city of Malaysia. These companies have succeeded to ship their services abroad. All of them have been sailing across the globe.

If you are looking for a web development company you are in the right place, contact any one of these companies and you’ll get the most distinctive web development and design. 

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