Jan 11, 2022

What is Magento? It’s an e-commerce platform built on open source technology. Magento provides traders with an online shopping cart system, giving them complete ownership over the looks, style, format, and features of their e-commerce site.

Every other company uses Magento to build its online store. There are many reasons why Magento is emerging as the first choice among marketers, some go for its features, and some love the plug-ins.

Let us discuss some fascinating features available on Magento,


There are two forms of Magento,

  • Magento Community
  • Magento enterprise

The main difference between the two is that Magento company is available for free while Magento enterprise is a premium paid version of Magento that turns imagination into reality. Below is the list of features that are present in the Magento community.



Magento community is empowered to provide marketing and promotion experience like reality. You can introduce coupons, prices can be set for a specified amount of time. Your store can send wish lists through email, have landing pages, recently viewed products and products in comparison. To wrap this up, you can do whatever marketing strategy you can think of. Hence, Magento e-commerce development is the wisest choice


The site management feature allows you to take complete hold of your website, you can customize it your way. You can develop you headquarter and can control multiple stores from a single site. It enables you to work in your language and your currency, tax rates respective to your region can also be applied.


Magento provides complete search engine optimization, from SEO-friendly URLs to search results rewrites and redirects. All can be found on Magento making it the best choice for online business.


Different catalogues can be prepared for a different group of customers for instance the product price will be different for retailers as compared to wholesalers. You can manage the size, color, or group of products. Everything can be processed with ease.


We get to see multiple images of a single product, the displayed images can be zoomed in. This feature is for buyers, the buyer can see your sales and leftovers, the buyer can share it with a friend via Facebook or email, and a buyer can also add the product to his wish list. This option is beneficial for marketers, you can know what your buyer wants and whenever there is a deal or the price drops you can jump on the opportunity by sending an email to the interested buyer.


Product comparisons, popular search terms cloud, recently viewed products are some of the features of Magento that are very beneficial for both the seller and the buyer.


One page checkout, offline payments can be made when the credit card information is saved, guest accounts can also make purchases. The common payment pathway is through PayPal but extensions can be added using plug-ins. SSL security is used on both ends to avoid any mishandling of sensitive information. As a bottom line, order placement is a very convenient and well-established gateway.

There are many other features added in the Magento Community, due to which Magento e-commerce development is blooming with each passing day. We will not discuss the advanced features available in the premium mode because we are mainly inclined towards e-commerce for startups or small businesses. As I have mentioned earlier the feature added in Magento enterprise is beyond our imaginations. Let’s move onto the main question


As well all know, Magento was designed in a way that any average person with some tech knowledge can build its websites. But every average man meets a dead end at some point for this he or she requires a company or a firm to take over the completion of its website. We have roamed around in this field for 8 years, we know that even though Magento was built to enable web development for average humans, it is not possible. Every average person will get stuck at some point, meaning that they'll have to contact a Magento e-commerce development services provider.

There are many reasons why an average person will get stuck, let us shed some light on those reasons.


Did you build your car yourself? Not, you decided to get a car and got the best one from a showroom. You did not engineer it from small parts, neither had you added the rubber or other small touch-ups to it (first hand). The same goes for your website, you can build one if you wish to but the result would not be that tremendous as it would when you hire Magento e-commerce development services.


If you develop your site you'll go for a prepared template because custom e-commerce development will take a lot of time and attention, you might get stuck for a large period. And this is surely not beneficial to your business. The templates available are used by many stores available and your store will not make an enchanting first impression with this template. You won't like this as the start of your e-commerce journey.

Thus make a wise choice now and hire a Magento e-commerce development company, choose one of their e-commerce web design packages and get your hands on the custom e-commerce development.



You might be able to get your website set up but you cannot design it well enough or if you can design it you cannot plant pillars properly, your website will lack something or it might lack efficiency in everything. To attain a perfect website and place an eye-catching impact you’ll need to hire a company that offers Magento e-commerce development services. They can take front, back developing, designing, content, visuals, and everything expertise due to their skilled team. You will require their multiple skills for multiple tasks from the time of development to the time when you have started your business.


You might have learned Magento development from the internet or you might have friends having some knowledge about how it’s done but when it comes to experience it is a big 0. You would have never wished to construct a building for your business yourself so why do you want to build your website yourself? You are taking the risk of your online building, it might collapse that way. But talking about a Magento e-commerce company they live with Magento, they have done these hundreds of times. They have completed multiple projects at the same time. They are experienced and skilled in their work.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave it on the developers from the very start rather than trying yourself and ending up with a lot of time consumed and zero results?

·  TIME:

Time is the competitor in online business, you have to compete against time if you want to rock the online market. If you start working on developing your website from today it will take you months to settle your website properly but if you hand it over to the experts your website will be established in no time with all of your required plug-ins and features.


You cannot trust your self-developed website as much as you can trust an e-commerce site developed by an expected group providing Magento e-commerce development services. You will be at zero risk of crashes and malfunctioning. You will at the safe side because almost every other Magento e-commerce company offers a lifetime or at least a long-term maintenance program.

What are you waiting for browse the e-commerce web design packages, find the one that suits you the best, and get going? These five reasons are vital enough to make you believe how important it is for you to have a Magento e-commerce development firm at your back for the successful elevation of your busy.


Hi! Tech was founded in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we have expanded from the city to the entire world today. We have worked on projects for many multinational companies. We have strived for the betterment of e-commerce e websites for the past eight years. We have worked hard and have seen surprising outcomes. We have seen business reaching heights after opening the e-commerce sIte.

Our team has immense experience as we have seen business success from start-ups to big firms. From our experience, you also get a business advisor along with an e-commerce developer. What could be better than that?

Why you should choose us? We are smart workers, passionate, and determined towards our job. We enjoy it while we work and this is one of our best qualities. When you sing along the rhythm you get great outcomes, this is what we. We sing along with you and design your site as you would.

Therefore, choose Hi! Tech and get the best developing experience. Contact us at www.hitechhere.com or Whatsapp us now by tapping the green icon on the bottom right of your screen. Happy Developing!


Are you a part of e-commerce already or are you are a newbie? Are you browsing for platforms?  Are you tired of your e-commerce platform and want to try another one? Magento community is the answer to both of you. You can find the statistics of Magento on the internet which shows that Magento is one of the top 3 e-commerce platforms with the figures increasing day by day.

Magento provides its user with convenience and an average person can easily open its store there. But if someone wants its store to break records of the business to bloom as soon as his website is launched he or she will have to hire a Magento e-commerce development firm for these results.

It will be very difficult and time-consuming for an average person to carry out and time is one thing that cannot be lost in online business, you cannot be late plus you can never add features and customize your website like an e-commerce developer can so you need to hire Magento e-commerce development services from a firm.

We at Hi! Tech is experienced in carrying out such tasks, we have developed many Magento e-commerce sites for our clients. We promise quality site and impressive interior of your store We have to develop stores in a way that it places a never-forgetting impression on the minds of viewers thus, increases conversion rate which will increase revenue. That said, Hi! Tech is the best choice for businesses of all sizes if one wants its business to take off just as his website is launched. Contact us today at the given information and join us for a free consultation.

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