Dec 25, 2021

“Mobile app development, the road to a successful business, a bookmark to a joyous journey, one may stumble on the road but reaching the destination is certain.”

These nice words were said by a well-known person i.e. the IT director of Hi! Tech mobile app development company. Mobile app development is bound to increase visitor’s engagement
and sales.

Mobile app
has turned the tables on local businesses by increasing consumer’s reach online. People are very much moved by the concept of online buying/selling products or services. It has also increased the number of small businesses. People are getting their apps and starting their businesses from home. If you want your business to reach more audiences get your mobile app

Mobile app development company in Malaysia have proven to be the best around the globe. Our app development community has grown widely within the past few years, this growth in mobile app
agencies has also increased competition among companies. Every agency tries to outdo the previous one.

All this has made hiring an app development company quite difficult, like finding white hair in milk. We have enlisted the top ten mobile app development company in Malaysia for you, consider them all and find your perfect business partner.


Mobile app development companies have enrolled themselves in the online race of quality, quantity, and cost, delivery time. We have prepared a list for you to select your app development company in Malaysia.

1.      INTERNUT:

The Internuts are a group of nutty developers and designers that aim to make people smile through their content ranking first in our list. They design and create engaging campaigns that make people enjoy the experience. They are not only nutty but also innovative. They innovate mobile apps that have both visitor’s interests and economical value.

They are an abstract of talented individuals ready to make people smile and individual’s code wonders with their programming skills.


Lizard global is an app development company based in two countries Netherlands and Malaysia. The agency has a team of 35 employees with 56 projects. They rank second in our list, Lizard global is an experienced and skilled app development company.

They have provided their clients with an app developing service with a burst of their creativity which speaks out through their website. You can see their website to get to know them better.

3.      SNAPPY MOB:

Snappy mob started in 2012 and is working with the same passion and determination to date. They have worked on 50 projects so far, the projects included multinational companies, local brands, small businesses, startups. Snappy mob supports small businesses and is proud to work with them.

Snappy mob works globally with a team of 50 hard-working members. You can choose Snappy mob to work for you if you are looking forward to a delicate design and feature.


Virtual Spirit is yet another competent, innovative, and hard-working mobile app development company in Malaysia ranking 4th on our list. Virtual spirit as it states by the name, their employees have an inner passion or you can soul for mobile app development. They work on their projects day in and day out.

5.      Hi! TECH:

Hi! Tech app development agency is the best mobile app development company in Malaysia. They have worked with hundreds of clients in their 8-year journey and have proceeded with 800+ successful projects. Hi! Tech promises to give its clients the best experience they can ever get. Hi! Tech has flourished its agency in Johor Buru and Kuala Lumpur, two big cities in Malaysia.

Head over to their website to get their eye-pleasing services and boost your business. If I were you I would have chosen Hi! Tech as my tech buddy.


Globalline Network started working in 2014 and have given many top-notch application to its clients. Globalline puts their client’s interest in front and tailors the project according to it. They make sure to involve their customers in every tiny detail of the project.

Globalline network also gives many perks to its workers, they are also very popular among developers and UI/UX designers.

7.      UP STACKERS:

Up Stackers are a cadre of 8 youngsters working for their passion. They have completed 15 projects so far and are serving the globe for 4 years. Up stackers are talented and skillful programmers, developers that are ready to give their best to your project.

They aim to make the global market a place where every business, small or big presents itself.


As the name suggests, the agency promises to give online solutions to your business. The team works on your apps efficiently and delivers on time. They state that they want to disrupt the online markets by their work. They leave no effort behind while working on their projects this is the reason why they are loved by their clients.

9.      SEGWITZ:

Segwitz is all in one, they can create your mobile app and they can work on your existing mobile app. They came into being after seeing businesses not using technology in the right direction, they desire to keep businesses on track with their mobile apps.

Segwitz gives the best services in their area, they work locally as well as internationally. If you want your app to get fixed contact them now and get a free consultation.


Suria Labs knows what it takes to be a mobile app development company in Malaysia. They work on their projects with proper determination, they sure are ranked tenth in this list but they can rank first someday. They have that potential in them.

Their team has many employees making it easier for them to finish the job on time.

These were the top ten mobile app development companies in Malaysia, if you are looking for an agency providing app development service at reasonable mobile app development cost these agencies suit you the best. Talk to them and find the one that’s perfect for you.


We at Hi-Tech work at the most affordable prices. We know how difficult it is for startups to establish everything within a small span of time. We have distinguished packages for every business type with its perks.

The most expensive yet reasonable package gives almost every feature as the smallest package but we take more time for that. We do not compromise on quality but the quantity of pages varies from package to package.

Every mobile app development agency does the same, if you are looking for the most reasonable and skillful agency we would recommend consulting Hi! Tech. 

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