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Do you want your brand’s very own mobile application to be built? Are you excited for a new begining? Do you want tons of people getting crazy over your product/service? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Hi! Tech will develop the most exquisite, astounding, efficient website for you.

 Planning and Drafting

  Designing and Architecting.

  Developing and Coding.

 Launching and Rejoicing.

What is App Development?

App Development, in modern times, is considered as a step towards evolution, a steptowards digitalization. Brands, businesses, and organizations are moving towards mobile apps at a large scale. Every brand is playing its part in marking its footsteps on the internet. In order to interact with the audience, mobile apps play the most important role. Once a customer has downloaded the mobile app, it is easier to connect and engage the person for brands.

Push notifications, discount offers, and exciting quizzes come in handy for businesses. Hi! Tech develops mobile applications that are user-friendly at both ends, have an exciting layout, smooth interface, and a lot more!.

How Beneficial a Mobile App can be for your Business?

Mobile apps have a great impact on businesses, their brand name, and above all sales! Mobile applications get more attention from the audience thus are generating more leads than any other marketing tool.

Mobile applications are like any other investment a business makes, the right marketing direction can work wonders for any brand. The most important step is to engage the audience, you can engage them via discount offers, via quizzes or you can distribute gifts among them

Developing a mobile app is the first step, designing it is the second and keeping it in shape is the third and the most important step. When Hi! Tech by your side, you relax, we work. From developing and designing the app to generating leads and marketing strategies we do it all!



Flutter is a popular framework language used for Hybrid app development. The main advantages of Flutter are portability, scalability, and excellent performance, which make it the perfect framework for developing simple to complex applications.

  React Native

React Native application development comes with a number of benefits for SMEs and Enterprises alike, but the framework doesn’t fit all development scenarios. Our react native mobile app developer sits with you to understand your product vision and find the best way.

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Why choose HiTech mobile app development services?

5 years in mobile app development have allowed us to craft a process that ensures high productivity and efficiency. Intellectsoft always keeps track of emerging technologies to deliver forward-thinking solutions and offer first-class mobile application development services.

What is the cost of mobile app development in 2021?

On the one hand, it isn't really as expensive as most of us may think. On the other, there is no simple answer to this inquiry due to multiple factors at play. Different developer rates, project complexity, and time it takes to build an app to impact the cost of making a mobile application. Talk to our experts to find out the price of your app!

What solutions are provided by mobile app development services?

Generally, our mobile app development services include:
1) Custom iOS and Android app development
2) Progressive Web App development and Cross-platform development
3) UI/UX design services
4) Mobile app porting
5) Consulting and prototyping
6) Automated QA services

How to manage product development & mobile application services?

It depends on the contract model you choose.
1) For a Time & Material or Fixed price contact model, we provide a highly experienced Project Manager to be responsible for coordinating the process.
2) For a Dedicated Team contract model, the team's management goes entirely on your side.

Reasons why Hi! Tech is the best!

Quality Guaranteed

Our cadre is skilled, talented, and above all experienced. Hi! Tech’s been providing quality for the past 6 years, the reason why we strived as a firm is our promise to quality and ought to creativity.

Team that suits the project

Hi! Tech’s teams are gathered according to the project requirements. For instance, some projects require exceptional creativity and coding skills for that, we compile our creative minds with our best developers. Greater the project, greater will be the team.

Architectonics 24/7

We are owls at night and eagles during the day. Our teams work endlessly and efficiently. Our primary goal is to deliver the project as early and as perfectly as we possibly can! time period to satisfy clients.

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